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Patient Success Stories

  • Christopher Newman

    Christopher Newman

    Select Specialty Hospital-Akron, Ohio

    Nineteen-year-old Christopher Newman was working in New York City and on his way to dinner one evening. He was sitting on a bench on the subway platform, waiting for some friends. As he stood up, he fell into an oncoming subway train, which tossed him into the air and then hit him again across the platform. He was rushed to a nearby trauma center with a severe brain injury and multiple fractures. He arrived unresponsive and in respiratory failure. His mom, Julie, was told he had a 15% chance of survival. Christopher endured complicated surgeries, infections and several serious set backs, but miraculously survived. A little over a month later, he was transferred to Select Specialty Hospital in Akron, Ohio where he continued to progress. His mother says "the staff was amazing…like family" and his friends were able to get involved there as well. Today, Julie couldn't be more proud of Christopher, "I tell him, rehab is your job." He's beginning to walk and eat again. His mother promised if he would talk again, she would get him a cell phone and he did just that! Now, when he calls her, his name comes up on her cell phone as "Angel." She says, "he's a fighter, he's my miracle."